luni, 24 ianuarie 2011

Bush Impeachment

Democrats have issued a warning to Bush: attack Iran for any reason without their permission and you will be impeached. This announcement comes on the same day that Osama Bin Laden warned Europe to abandon the NATO mission in Afghanistan. At the same time, European intelligence has reason to believe that Tehran was behind the purchase of weapons grade uranium near Hungary recently. This warning of impeachment is meant to give Tehran the wiggle room it needs to coordinate major terrorist attacks on European soil, as well as NATO troops in Afghanistan using weapons of mass destruction. The Democrats in Congress hope to delay any preventative measures taken against Iran by tying the President up in a political battle in Washington over attacking Tehran. They also hope to use such a political battle to their advantage in the upcoming presidential election. Which would create a no lose situation for the Democrats: bash Bush for wanting to stop Tehran's ambitions, while giving Tehran the time it needs to successfully coordinate attacks. The Democrats will then say that the war in Iraq hampered the ability of the President to prevent terror attacks with weapons of mass destruction.