luni, 24 ianuarie 2011

Hillary's Solid State Society

Will you join the ranks of the Solid State Society? Of coarse you will. You won't have a choice once Hillary is elected. Sadly, you won't even realize that you're a member once you are forced into the program.

What is the Solid State Society? It is a mandated system that enrolls every American into a government controlled lifestyle. It will measure and rate every individual based on key factors affecting their physical and mental health. Individuals flagged for having high risk factors will be subject to disciplinary action.
Some of the high risk flags will be:
Smokers, women living a child bearing lifestyle, obesity, genetic predisposition for disease, family history of disease, age, and sexual orientation.

I know, you are probably thinking that this is some kind of hoax or conspiracy theory. I wish it was. It's called Hillary Care, the mandated health insurance program she touts on the campaign trail. The program's funding is done by a mandate, essentially forcing everyone into the system. Once in, the system decides how much each individual pays for coverage. Hillary says it will be based on financial ability, but nothing in her plan prohibits the government from forcing people like smokers to pay more because of a higher risk of health issues.

Her plan also fails to mention the governments ability to give individual premium breaks based on positive lifestyle habits. Like giving women on birth control discounts since child birth is one of the most expensive aspects of health care. Families that have children enrolled in government approved sexual education classes would get a break as well. Not to mention girls on birth control would also be eligible. Obese individuals would pay more. Individuals that have health club memberships could be eligible for discounts. Genetic screening would also play a major role in deciding the amount one pays. A genetic predisposition to diabetes would put you in a flagged category for high risk insured.

This all reminds me of the Nazi ideals concerning health care. The Nazis were the first to besmirch smoking for example, and good health was emphasized in the daily lives of the German people. The Solid State Society puts every American into a nationalized lifestyle program the way Nazi Germany invoked good health. Will you be a part of the Society? You may not have a choice if Hillary has her way.