luni, 24 ianuarie 2011

Pervez Musharraf: Captain on a Sinking Ship

Attention Pervez Musharraf: Open Pakistan up to NATO and U.S. forces or face your own death in a pool of blood.

The new front line in the war on terror was drawn today in the blood of Benazir Bhutto on the streets of Rawalpindi Pakistan. If we have learned anything over the past few decades, fighting on the front line against terrorists is a bloody pastime. That is why Pervez Musharraf has only hours to pick up the phone and ask President Bush for help in the form of military power. He has no other choice if he values his life.

As of now Pervez Musharraf stands knee deep in the blood of the front line, alone, with no cover or body armor. He has terrorists eyeballing him through their scopes on one side, and a United States Blackhawk helicopter carrying President Bush on the other. The people of his nation have totally abandoned him due to Bhutto's assassination. He no longer commands the military. And his supporters in the government are feeling shaky about his ability to govern. His only ally is America. And we are only backing him because the possible alternative could be a radical Islamic regime running the country and its nukes. In other words, Musharraf loses his only supporter the day a moderate in the Pakistani military stands up to replace him.

Musharraf's death is guaranteed if he believes he has the time needed to slide like a snake out of this situation by imposing "marshall law" and cracking down on the grief stricken citizens of Pakistan. He cannot clean out all of the Jihad rats permeating his government without risking assassination. He cannot turn to the radicals in the hills without getting his head chopped off. Blaming Al-Qaeda wont get him off the hook either, because that only shows he doesn't have the ability to protect the good guys, while he allows the bad guys to run wild without any hinderances.

Worst yet for Musharraf: if it is discovered that he was complicit in the assassination of Bhutto then a C.I.A. operative may end his life. I can envision our government disposing of this guy if we find he has been funneling billions of American dollars to terrorists, while helping them murder Bhutto. Either way, Musharraf has no choice but to pick up the phone and give the United States the green light. If not, he's a dead man.