luni, 24 ianuarie 2011

Huckabee: A Nation's Hope?

The struggles of our time: the War on Terror, illegal immigration, economic woes, and battles over social issues have shredded the stamina of many Americans for politics. Many Americans, Republicans and Democrats, are just sick and tired of living in this atmosphere and are looking for a candidate that will give them a break from it all. Mike Huckabee is their "Hope".

Many of Mike's followers are jaded toward politics, and Mike shows them that he's not the typical politician- he's a guy just like them. They are worried about not having the answers to the complicated issues of our time. Mike doesn't inundate voters with relentless detailed sales pitches on the issues, he gives them just enough information to feel safe putting him in the oval office. And if all else fails and Mike doesn't have the answer? Not to worry, Mike tells them, as President he would set aside partisanship and work with both sides of the isle to accomplish the best solutions to those issues.

On the three major issues for Republicans Mike assuages their worries by offering a mixture of hard, medium, and soft solutions.

On illegal immigration: he's hard when he says he would deport every illegal immigrant. Yet he's also soft by saying he'd let them right back in a few days later with legal documentation.
On the war on terror: he's hard when he says he won't retreat in Iraq. Yet he's soft when he says he'd close Gitmo to help with America's image.
On taxes: He's hard and soft when he claims he'd implement the Fair Tax.

He has positioned himself to be the guy that creates the least amount of stress on the voter's mind when they consider who to support. It's the perfect defense against attacks on his Liberal record in Arkansas as governor. When he is attacked on the issues, he cries fowl. He says that his record is always being twisted and misrepresented. And his followers believe him because they are too tired, or lazy, to actually spend the time to analyze his record. It's just easier to believe him. Besides, he wouldn't get attacked if he didn't have substance....right? Like Mike says, "you know you are hitting the mark when you start taking flack."

Mike is hitting the mark: cultivating the support of the tired, lazy, and ignorant. And he's a sharpshooter when it comes to that.